Sika Moringa is a sustainable, premium and organic UK brand which is the brainchild of Father and Son duo (Anthony and Adam) with the following objectives:

  • Making premium quality moringa and other superfood ingredients available to everyone via
  • Sustainable organic farming and permaculture
  • Create a sustainable source of income for the local growers’ community
  • Create and provide employment opportunities
  • Create educational scholarships for the families within that community
  • Prevent child malnutrition


Our Story

 Lessons, Experience, Inspiration, Motivation and How it all Started! 

Adam is 6 years old, very sociable, humorous with limitless energy. He is a very intelligent and happy child who is fun-loving and fearless with a good heart. Adam enjoys physical pursuits such as martial arts, swimming and tree climbing, he is also extremely passionate about nature. He has an inquisitive mind, spending his time building rockets and aeroplanes, he is fascinated by the mechanics of how things are made.

Anthony is an ambitious ex-soldier of the British Army with a BA in International Relations from London Metropolitan University. He has experience in business as a serial entertainment and vegan entrepreneur. He is also a charitable individual with a vested interest in fundraising, sustainable community development, Philanthropy, Politics and Philosophy. He is a Spiritualist, Creative Thinker and a Doer.

I, Anthony, believe that children are Nature’s greatest gift. I also believe that we are here to create and bring about change. I met my son when he was 2 and a half years old, it was a natural love at first sight and put to rest all my fears and anxieties concerning fatherhood. Our relationship evolved and continues to be one of unconditional love, care, friendship and intellectual exchanges, he also has a flair for entrepreneurship which I wanted to develop. I introduced my son to the game of Chess. I used this board game to fine tune his rational thinking, focus, the virtues of patience, risk taking and fearlessness. He understands Chess as a game of strategy and how this translates into life. We have both attended various international trade shows such as Speciality & Fine Food Fair, and The Natural Organic Expo.

I have been teaching my son 3 very important philosophical principles of life that I believe to be very vital to his personal development beyond his academic excellence:

  • The Pursuit of Wealth and Financial Stability
  • Enjoyment of Life
  • Helping Other People

The Sika Moringa brand is a sustainable wealth creation project I started with my son as he embarks on his own entrepreneurship journey with me. We provide people with premium, organic plant-based superfood ingredients, making a positive social and economic impact on various rural communities. Part of this is providing balanced nutrition to malnourished children, babies and mothers in Africa, creating sustainable organic Moringa and other superfood farming plantations and development of a 200-acre farm (vertical integration and contract farming) in Ghana which translates into the creation of countless jobs and a visible boost to the local economy.

We would like our premium organic Moringa powder brand to be available to various children, families and homes across the UK, US, Europe and the rest of the world. We count on your support and loyalty as a customer and a partner to make positive changes in the world. Help us to improve your life and the lives of others!